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commercial tile installationNot only can the SaniGLAZE process restore old, ugly, and unsanitary tile and grout to “like new,” it can also help prevent new tile from becoming old and ugly looking. The SaniGLAZE process can be specified for existing tile, newly grouted tile and newly installed tile under CSI Division 9.

Specify SaniGLAZE to Keep Construction Costs Within Acceptable Bounds

Architects who specify a SaniGLAZE restoration instead of the installation of new tile give their clients an opportunity to save their existing tile and grout, while saving money and the environment.

Restore Existing Tile for Better Value Engineering and Green Building

SaniGLAZE restorative bonding is a breakthrough industry innovation that’s changing the way we approach commercial tile. No longer is replacement the only option when maintenance has failed. With the SaniGLAZE process and protective coatings, old, filthy & unappealing tile and grout surfaces can be restored their original color, depth and clarity — and stay that way for years to come.

Keeps New Floors Looking New for Life

You’ve made a serious investment in your new tile floors and walls. And while new tile is usually sealed when it is first installed, sealers are not permanent, and can quickly wear off. You’ll soon notice that your new tile and fresh grout will start to absorb contaminants and dirty mop water, resulting once again in a dingy, unsanitary surface.

To safeguard your new surfaces from the inevitable, we recommend incorporating the SaniGLAZE process during installation. SaniGLAZE will prevent future grout discoloration, thus eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaning. With the SaniGLAZE restorative bonding technology, your tile and grout surfaces can easily be maintained with environmentally friendly “Green” cleaning products.

Creates Safer Floors

The SaniGLAZE suite of protective coatings improves the coefficient of friction on both dry and wet surfaces, creating a safer floor for your clients.


Microorganisms and contaminants that produce mold, mildew and other unsanitary conditions cannot penetrate the tough barrier created by the SaniGLAZE procedure. This improves cleanliness of the floors and can even promote better air quality.

Easy to Maintain

The protective SaniGLAZE process combined with the EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan keeps all contaminants on the surface, which can easily be cleaned and maintained.

AIA/CES Programs Available

SaniGLAZE professional service providers serve as an educational source by providing AIA/CES HSW and sustainable design courses in restorative bonding technology.

More importantly the SaniGLAZE process enables the effective use of eco-friendly commercial floor cleaners and renders them more effective when cleaning tile floors.

CSI Specifications

pdf-iconSaniGLAZE CSI Specs Existing Tile.pdf

pdf-iconSaniGLAZE CSI Specs Newly Grouted Tile.pdf