Save Money and Protect Your Institution’s Image

commercial tile cleaning serviceFrom entryways to locker rooms to dorm rest rooms, the cleanliness of buildings and facilities on campus is important to prospective students, parents and potential donors. The SaniGLAZE process helps Facilities Services control odors and mold growth in tile and grout surfaces by eliminating porosity.

A Smarter Alternative to Replacement

Year after year, waves of students trample tile and grout surfaces across campus, causing the constant need for effective cleaning. The SaniGLAZE restoration process and maintenance program safeguards tile and grout surfaces against wear and tear.

Your old floor can be restored to its original color, depth and clarity and stay that way for years helping to protect your institution’s image while saving money.

SaniGLAZE – Cost Effective & Long-Lasting

With thousands of square feet of tile floor within a campus, it would be very expensive and time consuming to replace. With the SaniGLAZE process, your tile and grout surfaces can be cleaned and protected overnight.

Regular foot traffic can quickly lead to dirty tile floors and grout that is hard to maintain and keep looking new for long. The protective coating in the SaniGLAZE process prevents contaminants from getting into the porous grout and tile surfaces and keeps your floor looking new for years.

Creates Safer, Cleaner Floors

The SaniGLAZE protective coating improves the coefficient of friction on both dry and wet surfaces, creating a safer floor. Plus, microorganisms and contaminants that produce mold, mildew and other unsanitary conditions cannot penetrate the tough barrier created by the SaniGLAZE procedure. This improves cleanliness of the floors and can even produce better air quality.