EverGLAZE Keeps You in the Clean Zone

Advances restroom appearance and sanitation beyond belief!

The SaniGLAZE restoration system combined with the EverGLAZE maintenance program permanently enhances the durability and maximizes the aesthetic quality of your ceramic tile and grout surfaces. With SaniGLAZE, you get superior technology backed by a proven name that’s revolutionized the tile and grout industry.

1 - Before SaniGLAZE

The surface is contaminated with dirt, germs and other unmentionables.

2 - After SaniGLAZE

After SaniGLAZE, contaminants can no longer penetrate through the tile and grout surface. The SaniGLAZE surface is now easy to clean and maintain.

3 - 12 plus months later

Heavy use and abuse begins to take the surface out of the Clean Zone through the accumulation of soil on the SaniGLAZE surface.

4 - After EverGLAZE

With the EverGLAZE program, the surface is assessed on a continual basis to ensure it remains “like new” for years to come.

Our promise to you

Both beautiful and durable, tile has been the smart flooring choice for centuries. While a properly installed tile surface can last almost indefinitely, its beauty seldom does. Due to the porosity of a tile and grout surface and the continual exposure it receives to contaminants, tile is often replaced long before it wears out.

The SaniGLAZE process not only restores tile and grout surfaces to their original beauty, but also eliminates porosity to keep them safe, sanitary and beautiful indefinitely. The exclusive EverGLAZE maintenance program is SaniGLAZE’s promise to you to keep your tile and grout surfaces clean and pristine. Entrust your tile and grout to the professional care of your local, authorized SaniGLAZE service provider and enjoy years of beauty.

What is the Clean Zone?

The Clean Zone is where you should expect your tile and grout surfaces to always be. An odor-free state of sanitation and a level of cleanliness that can only be attained and sustained with the SaniGLAZE restoration process, the Clean Zone impresses building occupants and visitors alike. The Clean Zone is achieved after the initial SaniGLAZE process is completed and enables surfaces to be maintained affordably and reliably with green, environmentally-friendly products. EverGLAZE ensures surfaces remain in the Clean Zone.

Protect your investment

Enhance your SaniGLAZE Restoration Service with the EverGLAZE Maintenance Program. Keep the “like new” luster and optimum sanitation indefinitely.

SaniGLAZE Restoration Service offers an extended warranty option. This option can remain in effect as long as you adhere to the EVERGLAZE Maintenance Program schedule prescribed for your surfaces.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Our tile is over 30 years old and any attempt on our part to clean the grout lines was impossible. The SaniGLAZE process restored the tile and grout to a ‘new’ floor look and we received may compliments from the employees that appreciated the clean look the floors took on after the process was complete.

Lynn Donnelly

Building Services Manager, The Miami Herald Publishing Company

It has been nearly six years since we installed SaniGLAZE on our floors and most of them have never even had a touch up done to them. I would say the process has exceeded my expectations for endurance and recurring cost.

Greg Pesce

CFM, Building Supervisor, GTE Data Services (Now Verizon)

We have spent thousands of dollars updating and renovating the building to attract tenants. SaniGLAZE has been a great complement to this effort. The process has created a type of shield on the floor that was not there originally. This allows the daily cleaning process to keep the floors looking great.

Dan Frey

Property Manager, Highwood Properties

Since we discovered SaniGLAZE and combined their support service program with our daily janitorial service, our restrooms are clean, sanitary and comfortable.

Jim Jederowski

Coordinator Physical Plant, University of South Florida

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