Health Care

Cleaning Commercial Tile Floors Create a Safer Healing Environment For Patients

cleaning commercial tile floorsIn health care facilities, cleaning commercial tile floors help patients feel safe and comfortable. Those good feelings mean positive patient satisfaction scores. The SaniGLAZE process keeps your tile and grout in the clean zone by removing contaminants from tile and grout and keeping them out.

Helps Maintain Infection Control

The SaniGLAZE process delivers high levels of sanitation needed for health care facilities to meet or exceed requirements for infection control – enhancing the performance of the average hospital tile cleaner or disinfectant. Plus, the protective properties can guard against the proliferation of microbes which help reduce the incidence of nosocomial infections. The process itself eliminates internal mold and mildew much better than conventional hospital tile cleaners.

Controls Moisture to Eliminate Mold and Mildew

Moisture is the most common element that allows mold and mildew to develop and breed in tile and grout. When it comes to hospital tile cleaning, controlling that moisture is perhaps one of the most effective ways to eliminate internal mold and mildew.

Independent laboratory tests confirm that mold and mildew cannot breed within a SaniGLAZE surface because its restorative bonding technology creates a non-porous protective surface that prohibits moisture and contaminant absorption, which is far superior to ordinary hospital tile cleaning. The SaniGLAZE process will make your current hospital floor cleaner and your disinfectant a more effective solution to maintaining problem tile and grout surfaces.