Military Facilities

img-banner-header-imageCleaner military facilities are safer facilities, and that contributes to higher morale. The SaniGLAZE restoration process can be done without disruption to your daily operations — so our country’s military personnel and their families don’t have to surrender to dirty tile and grout.

For the Military – Cleaner Means Safer

With years of experience on government and military projects, as well as being a GSA Schedule holder, SaniGLAZE industrial tile cleaning and restoration professionals understand the procurement process and how to deliver quality results on time. With an extensive government portfolio, SaniGLAZE professional service providers protect and preserve the tile and grout surfaces of government and military facilities across the U.S.

Cleaner Safer Floors are Better Than New

The SaniGLAZE protective coating improves the coefficient of friction on both dry and wet surfaces, creating a safer floor. Plus, microorganisms and contaminants that produce mold, mildew and other unsanitary conditions cannot penetrate the tough barrier created by the SaniGLAZE procedure. This improves cleanliness of the floors and can even produce better air quality.

Tile and Grout Surfaces are Easy to Maintain

With the SaniGLAZE cleaning process and suite of protective coatings, your old floor can be restored to its original color, depth and clarity and stay that way for years to come. The protective SaniGLAZE process combined with the EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan keeps all contaminants on the surface. This means they can easily be cleaned and maintained.