How It Works/Process

More Than Just Tile & Grout Cleaning

SaniGLAZE is a multi-step tile restoration process using proprietary products and systems that will permanently solve your tile and grout problems.

Old Tile & Grout Before – Dirty and Unsanitary

Over time dirt accumulates and seeps into the pores creating an unsanitary mess. SaniGLAZE removes the impurities and shields them out.

tile restorationStep 1

Using an effective extraction process we developed through rigorous testing, we remove all odors and stains from the tile and grout. Now that it’s clean, the secret is keeping it that way.

tile restorationStep 2

Our specially formulated Glazing Compound is bonded to existing grout. This restorative bonding process makes grout look like new, keeps the color consistent and protects it from moisture.

tile restorationStep 3

Our proprietary Super Shield is applied over the entire surface. This clear, durable protective coating restores the color and luster to your tile and and provides an additional layer of protection to your grout. Now your tile and grout surface looks brand new and is easy to maintain.

Old Tile & Grout After – Better Than New

Now contaminants stay on top. The SaniGLAZE process doesn’t stop the soil from accumulating, but it does keep the soil from penetrating the surface. This makes cleaning easy and effective. Tile and grout surfaces are now maintainable. The protective shield makes the surface easy to maintain. Harsh cleaning chemicals can now be replaced with green, environmentally safe, biodegradable +products.